Bobby Darin’s son accepts Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted By Michael Subvert

For those of us who were disappointed in the way the Grammys handled the Lifetime Achievement Award for Bobby Darin during the primetime broadcast, here is a video of Bobby’s son Dodd, accepting the award earlier in the day, and delivering a very heartfelt and touching speech. This should have aired during primetime! Thanks to Jeanie Ruter for this video…

Feb 2nd, 2010

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  1. Melissa Davis said,

    Just indicative of how the Grammy’s, despite all the lipservice, are not really about ‘music’ but are about money and hype and not really about the art itself. I was disappointed, but not altogether surprised at the way they ignored BD’s long overdue award. Thanks for putting this up so quickly so we could hear from his son.
    For some perspective, bear in mind how the Beatles have fared at the Grammy’s.

  2. Well said! I saw a lot of overproduced production numbers on the Grammys, style over talent–but precious little in the way of honoring artists who have truly contributed to the musical landscape.

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